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NBC TV series Parenthood casting twins or multiple babies

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NBC TV series Parenthood casting twins or multiple babies to work in the coming week. Parenthood is filmed in the San Francisco area and is currently in production. The casting team at Beau Bonneau released a casting call for twins or multiple sets of babies.

Babies should be between the ages of 1 month to 2 years old. The team is seeking identical twin babies who are approximately 1 month old, Caucasian twin boys who are 1 year old and twin girls who are 2 years old.

The critically acclaimed show centers around the four grown Braverman siblings (Adam, Sarah, Crosby and Julia) and their families. They support each other through the joys, the heartaches and headaches of being parents.

Parenthood casting

Parents interested in submitting their babies to the casting must be local to the San Francisco/Bay Area, READ casting description carefully and follow all instructions provided:  

Seeking Bay Area local Twins, Triplets, Multiples 1Mo-2Yrs for Extra Work on the NBC “Parenthood” Series Dec. 11 & 12 in SF
See below for submission instructions & please share with friends!

We are immediately seeking Bay Area local Twins, Triplets, etc., 1 Month – 2 Years old, for Paid Extra Work 12/11 & 12/12 in SF on the NBC series “Parenthood”, starring Craig T. Nelson. Babies and Toddlers have limited work hours, so multiples are often used, taking turns on camera appearing to be one child. We are immediately seeking the following children to match a family:

  • 1 Yr old Identical Twin Boys, Caucasian-appearing to match family – up to 4.5 hrs BOTH 12/11 & 12/12. Slightly under/over 1 year Ok if motor skills/size are avg for 1yr old
  • 2 Yr old Identical Twin Girls, Caucasian appearing to match family – up to 6.5 hrs Tues 12/11. Slightly under/over 2 years Ok if motor skills/size are average for a 2yr old
  • 1 Month old Twins/Multiples, ideally identical, to portray newborn baby boy, Caucasian appearing to match family, up to 2.5 hrs Wed 12/12. 4 babies may be needed to match as best we can.

Hours/Rates: Parents/Guardians must be available all day; exact start times are unknown until the evening before. Minors get a minimum payment of $152 for the shoot (for up to 8hrs or less) which is typically received within 10-15 business days from a payroll company. Free parking is provided.

HOW TO SUBMIT: If you’d like your kids to be considered, please email the following to ASAP:
* Subject line: Parenthood, Last Name, Kids’ First Names, Age, City you live in, Cell
* Height, Weight, Clothing Sizes for each
* Photos: Attach brand NEW digital camera or camera phone color snapshots of your kids together if possible and looking straight to camera. No hats or sunglasses please; we must be able to see their faces, hair color/length clearly.
* Date pictures were taken
* If your children have entertainment work permits, please note expiration date

We look forward to your submissions and will contact you if we can cast your children.

Please share with Bay Area Local friends/family with multiples!

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A Foot and Shoe Modeling Guide

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Shoe ModelA Foot and Shoe Modeling Guide

Many people are under the assumption that foot modeling is not a reputable field in terms of fashion. While most models have pretty feet they cannot give a client the look of perfect Feet, that posses a close-up style that can model some of the most expensive shoes in the world. Foot modeling is very competitive but extremely lucrative. Models who choose to pursue a career in foot modeling are rarely recognized for their work, however it is steady work. It requires a certain level of commitment.

If you believe that your feet are perfect to model the most exquisite shoe collections you must first identify whether your feet are model material.

Be sure that your toes are not out of proportion or have too many varicose veins from the calves down. They cannot have blemishes, scars or any type of injuries. Most models have a high arch which shows off a graceful curve. If you have flat feet you may have trouble walking in high heels, which will be required.

Know the strength and weakness of your feet and learn to work with them, compensate for certain movements.

Protect Your Feet

Be careful to take great care of your feet. Foot models use many techniques to keep their feet looking illustrious. No one wants to take pictures of unkempt feet. Photographers need to get up-close to get those beautiful shots a client can use in their campaign they do not want to see overgrown nails or smell a bad odor. So make sure to wash your feet on a daily basis, trim your nails when they get too long. Moisturize your feet so that they remain soft.


Wearing high heels can hurt or cause blisters, many models have learned to protect their feet by using Dr. Scholls products and using a product called second skin which is a spray-on band aid that will prevent blistering.

A photo shoot can take several hours; the client may need you to model several pairs of high heels. Practice standing and walking in your heels for a long time. Get comfortable wearing heels.

Exercise your feet

Just because you are a foot model it does not mean that you do not have to stay healthy and in shape. Workout on a daily basis, pay special attention to working out your calf and angles. Clients look for feet that are toned and sculpted. One of the best ways to maintain sculpted feet is by wearing high heels, however add calf raises to add the desired definition.

 Becoming a Foot or Shoe Model

Once you have established healthy and naturally beautiful feet create a professional portfolio. Take photographs of your feet. It is very important to see how your feet will look in pictures both with and without heels. You will need to hire a photographer who has experience in taking photos of body parts. You will need to present this portfolio to agents and clients. Research agencies and find the right agency that can assist you in pursuing your career. Remember that not all agencies work with parts modeling. Once you are signed to an agency keep in mind that it is not a guarantee of work. An agency simply provides leads and helps to negotiate your fee.

Maintain your feet

Continue to keep your feet in shape. Clients will request you more often if your feet are maintained exceptionally. Get plenty or pedicures and foot massages. Be professional and absolutely polite. Always be on time.

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INK MASTER Season 6 Open Call For Tattoo Artists

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ink-masterDave Navarro has returned to host Season 6 of Ink Master on Spike TV. The tattoo competition show pits great tattoo artist against each other. The contestants are judged by distinguished tattoo artists, Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck, and celebrity guest judges. The casting team is searching for the country’s most outstanding tattoo artist.

Tattoo Artists

We are in search of highly skilled tattoo artists from across the country!

Do you think you are the best tattoo artist in the country? Are you dying to pit your skills against the rest? Are you willing to put your skills to the ultimate test? Are you the next Ink Master?

Put your tattooing skills to the test in this high stakes competition for the chance to win a $100,000 cash prize and the coveted title of “Ink Master!”

If you have the creativityartistic skills and personality to impress the judges, Ink Master casting team wants to meet you!

Before you attend the open call you must fill out the official application and submit the following materials:

  • Signed release and waiver
  • Two (2) recent photographs of you
  • A minimum of twenty (20) digital photos of your work*
  • One (1) legible photocopy of EITHER (1) your passport; or (2) your driver’s license or (3) your state ID card

Go to

Please bring 2 photographs of you, clearly labeled with your name and a minimum of 10 copies of your work.

If you cannot attend the open casting call submit a 3 minute home video along with the above information. **DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, December 12th, 2014**

 Open Casting Call:

Hilton San Jose & Towers
300 S. Almaden Blvd.
San Jose, CA

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Having a Career in Modeling | Aspiring Models

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img2If you are a model you most likely dream of seeing yourself on the cover of a magazine. Magazines like Vogue, Elle or Marie Claire.

Before you can get there you must first take full appraisal of yourself and what type of modeling you can do. Be honest. Of course we all want to be High-Fashion models and walk the runways for Fashion Week, grace the covers of fashions prestigious magazines and gain international fame. But not all of us can be High-Fashion models because they must be tall and thin. If you are not as tall and tend to be on the heavier side, try pursuing print, commercial modeling or plus-size modeling. In reality only a small percentage of modeling work is High-Fashion, the larger percentage encompasses everything else.

After you have figured out what type of model you are the next step is to do some research. Find out what you need to do to be a High-Fashion model, a Plus-Size Model, or even a Fitness model. Requirements are normally the same across the board. You will need to have a model’s portfolio book, you need to learn how to walk the runway, you need to know how to put on makeup, you need to know how to dress for “go-sees”, you need to know what types of agencies to pursue and when these agencies are holding open calls.

For aspiring models it is important that when you are going to open calls or go-sees for agencies and clients that you wear close-fitting clothing, natural makeup and simple hairstyles. The agent or client needs to see the blank canvas they will be working with if you are chosen. Make sure that you have a few shots of yourself, at least 3 to 5 shots- a close-up of your face, usually referred to as a headshot; and a couple of full-body shots in a swimsuit.

Going it alone can be very hard so the ultimate goal for a model is to get signed to an agency. Modeling agencies find work for their models and help manage their careers in exchange for a cut of the model’s pay. Make sure that you research the agency you choose to sign up with. Keep in mind that you are making an investment in a business, and that business is you.

Fun Fact:

The swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated was released in 1964, it featured model Babette March on the cover and contained a five-page layout. However the magazine did not start to exclusively feature models on its cover until 1997.

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HBO Dramedy LOOKING Casting Extras

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hbo-looking-gay_peterismsHBO series LOOKING is centered around the lives of three gay friends living and trying to find intimacy bliss in San Francisco and stars Jonathan Groff as Pat, Frankie J. Alvarez as Agustin and Murray Bartlett as Dom. LOOKING was renewed for a second season despite a shaky run at the beginning of 2014. The second season will premiere this January 19, 2015.

The Bay Area extras casting director, Beau Bonneau Casting, is holding ongoing casting calls for extras for the HBO comedy series which is filming through 11/20 in San Francisco. Beau’s casting states that there is a constant need for Men & Women between in their 20s & 30s. Read casting call provided very carefully:


– Mon 10/27 Gaymer Convention Goers (Approx 5AM or 6AM – 8PM) in SF – Gaymers, LGBTQ Community & Hipster types 18-40s, all ethnicities, sizes, to portray gay gamers, including some CosPlay Enthusiasts & a couple Furries. CosPlay looks must be approved. Some may work both 10/24 & 10/27. *Friends & Couples encouraged.

Hours/Rates: Shoots can last up to 12-14hrs. Approx time frames provided. Exact report time unknown until eve before & we never know end time, so you must be avail morning to night without conflict. Non Union extras get a minimum payment of $85.92 (for 8hrs or less), overtime at time & ½ half and double time after 12 hrs (based on SF Min Wage $10.74/hr). Additional $20 if cast with Car & $21.48 if pre-shoot Fitting required. SAG-AFTRA Members get scale, $37.50 for Car & $39.25 for fittings. Free Parking & lunch provided with snacks/drinks avail throughout.

Employment Requirements: Production uses a payroll company and Extras must have government approved ID to present for I-9 paperwork or you cannot work. U.S. Citizens must have current U.S. Passport OR 2 pieces: a valid Driver’s License with either your Social Security Card or Birth Certificate. Non U.S. Citizens must have a valid Permanent Resident/Green Card or Work Authorization from Dept. Of Homeland Security. Payment is mailed within about 15 business days.

HOW TO SUBMIT: email the following to
* Subject line: Avail Date(s) 10/23, 10/24, 10/27, Name, Approx Age, Cell
* Height, Weight, City you live in, Union Status (Non Union or SAG-AFTRA#)
* Attach New Color Snapshot, chest up smiling/standing. No hats or sunglasses
* If submitting with friend/partner, include Name, Approx Age, Cell, email & Photo
* If into CosPlay or Cybergoth/Raver – note Cosplay or Raver in subject & Attach photos in costume(s)/raver attire we can fwd to Production for consideration
* Cars – Note Car Year, Color, Make & Model. Include photo if older/beater car
** Future Avail Submissions: In subject line, list individual all day M-F Avail Date(s) 10/28-11/14, Name, Approx Age, City you live in, Cell & rest of the requested info.

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Photo Shoot Casting Models (San Leadro)

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We’re an Miami.-based denim company looking to find our next 5 models for an upcoming shoot on Sunday, March 30th!!! We may be new on the scene but have already been recognized by fashion insiders such as; The Zoe Report, Le Fashion, Ocean Drive, L.A.-confidential magazine, etc. This shoot will be used to provide content for our website and lookbook. Read the rest of this entry »

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