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A Foot and Shoe Modeling Guide

Shoe ModelA Foot and Shoe Modeling Guide

Many people are under the assumption that foot modeling is not a reputable field in terms of fashion. While most models have pretty feet they cannot give a client the look of perfect Feet, that posses a close-up style that can model some of the most expensive shoes in the world. Foot modeling is very competitive but extremely lucrative. Models who choose to pursue a career in foot modeling are rarely recognized for their work, however it is steady work. It requires a certain level of commitment.

If you believe that your feet are perfect to model the most exquisite shoe collections you must first identify whether your feet are model material.

Be sure that your toes are not out of proportion or have too many varicose veins from the calves down. They cannot have blemishes, scars or any type of injuries. Most models have a high arch which shows off a graceful curve. If you have flat feet you may have trouble walking in high heels, which will be required.

Know the strength and weakness of your feet and learn to work with them, compensate for certain movements.

Protect Your Feet

Be careful to take great care of your feet. Foot models use many techniques to keep their feet looking illustrious. No one wants to take pictures of unkempt feet. Photographers need to get up-close to get those beautiful shots a client can use in their campaign they do not want to see overgrown nails or smell a bad odor. So make sure to wash your feet on a daily basis, trim your nails when they get too long. Moisturize your feet so that they remain soft.


Wearing high heels can hurt or cause blisters, many models have learned to protect their feet by using Dr. Scholls products and using a product called second skin which is a spray-on band aid that will prevent blistering.

A photo shoot can take several hours; the client may need you to model several pairs of high heels. Practice standing and walking in your heels for a long time. Get comfortable wearing heels.

Exercise your feet

Just because you are a foot model it does not mean that you do not have to stay healthy and in shape. Workout on a daily basis, pay special attention to working out your calf and angles. Clients look for feet that are toned and sculpted. One of the best ways to maintain sculpted feet is by wearing high heels, however add calf raises to add the desired definition.

 Becoming a Foot or Shoe Model

Once you have established healthy and naturally beautiful feet create a professional portfolio. Take photographs of your feet. It is very important to see how your feet will look in pictures both with and without heels. You will need to hire a photographer who has experience in taking photos of body parts. You will need to present this portfolio to agents and clients. Research agencies and find the right agency that can assist you in pursuing your career. Remember that not all agencies work with parts modeling. Once you are signed to an agency keep in mind that it is not a guarantee of work. An agency simply provides leads and helps to negotiate your fee.

Maintain your feet

Continue to keep your feet in shape. Clients will request you more often if your feet are maintained exceptionally. Get plenty or pedicures and foot massages. Be professional and absolutely polite. Always be on time.

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